Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jim Nussle has been bad for his district, bad for Iowa, and bad for America. While he likes to call himself a deficit hawk, as chair of the House Budget Committee he has presided over the largest increase in the US national debt ever, taking us from record surplus to the brink of fiscal ruin. For Iowa, he has become the High Priest of Unfunded Mandates, forcing the states to cut services and increase taxes to make up for what the Federal government has taken away from them in order to fund tax cuts for their well-heeled friends in big business.

Jim Nussle is Mr. Deficit, Mr. Borrow and Spend, Mr. Unfunded Mandates, Mr. Big Government.

Now, Jim-boy would have you believe the Chairman of the House Budget Committee is powerless: this is in fact true, because he'd have been kicked out of the Republican power structure forthwith if he did not toe the party line as set down by Newt Gingrich, Dennis Hastert and Tom DeLay. Jim-boy, good toady that he is, is happy to tell lies to his constituents, sound-byting one thing for the little old lady in Dubuque in the morning then doing just the opposite in committee or on the floor in the afternoon.

Then there is the issue of his private life. The precise details are sketchy, but he was pulled into an extra-marital affair, leading to a messy public divorce, with his subsequent remarriage to wife #2, Karen Chiccehitto Nussle. The common scuttlebutt is that Karen was the other women, and if she is (as it seems she is) then let's call her what she really is: a homewrecking slut: strike one. Karen was also a policy advisor to Newt Gingrich: strike two. She then revolving-doored into the lobbying firm of Black, Kelly, Scruggs and Healey (that's as in Charles Black, the infamous Republican insider): strike three. She is currently listed as an instructor at the University of Dubuque (teaching Homewrecking 101 no doubt).

Vander Plaats has made noises about exposing all this lurid marital dirt, but I wonder if he has the testicular fortitude to do so. He is certainly trails Nussle in terms of polls and money, and has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Democrats would gain if Vander Plaats did, as Nussle would have to waste valuable resources attempting to counteract the dirt, while the Democratic candidates can piously remain above such mudslinging politics, at least until after the primary.

Whatever. We Democrats need to collect all the dirt possible and get all out in the open.

I wonder if worthies such as State Senators Nancy Boettger and Mary Lundby or or State Representative Polly Granzow enjoy having their morals compared with those of Mrs. Nussle, and how as Republicans, Karen personally represents for them the apotheosis of ideal Iowan womanhood.



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