Friday, June 03, 2005

Nussle and the Deficit

Jim Nussle visited Ames on Thursday, as part of his 50 city tour trying to gin up support for his Gubernatorial candidacy. Incredibly, the theme that he focused on was the idea of small government.

Nussle has chaired the House Budget Committee for every one of the Budgets submitted under President Bush. During this time, he has done virtually nothing to cut government spending.

In the 2001 budget, the last budget where Nussle was not chair, the United States had a surplus of $128 billion. During his first year, we ran a deficit of $157 billion. Since then, every year has seen around $400 billion more in spending than in revenue at the federal level.

This isn't because of September 11th either, as Nussle would like you to believe. Taking both Defense and Homeland Security out of the Equation, there was an incredible forty percent increase in spending from 2001 to 2005. These aren't numbers from some interest group, either - these are using figures straight from the Whitehouse.

If Nussle can't use his position as chair of the House Budget Committee to keep government spending reasonable, why should we believe he can do any better here? As a young person who is going to end up paying for his teenager-with-a-credit-card antics, I have a lot at stake in this argument. Please, Iowa, don't bring this nonsense back from Washington to our state.


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