Friday, June 03, 2005

Nussle and Small Government

The local Democrats are doing us proud:

Story County Democrats held a press conference at Ames Public Library earlier in the day, calling into question Nussle's plan for smaller government.

Sen. Herman Quirmbach said cuts over the years have strained state programs, and the only real area Nussle could cut would be education, which currently occupies more than 60 percent of the state budget.

Quirmbach pointed to the closing of two Ames schools - Northwood Elementary and Roosevelt Elementary - as a sign that the state budget could not suffer any more cuts.

Quirmbach also attacked Nussle's record as Budget Committee Chairman while in Congress.

During his time as Budget Committee chairman, Nussle ran an annual deficit that was nearly 80 times what the state budget was, Quirmbach said.

"Mr. Nussle is the last person you would want to trust for fiscal responsibility," he said.

So far Nussle has pushed "small government" as his defining theme of his gubernatorial campaign. If he continues with this the race is ours to lose.


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