Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Nussle's contributors.

I've been fishing thru the Federal Election Commission site. This link leads to Jimbo's contributors.


Clickining on A-E, you come across Steven Ackerson, of Iowa Health Care Associates. Buried in their site is this page:


This tells us that
ECSI is a group purchasing company dedicated to provide services to our members at a reduced cost, at the same time raising non-dues income for the Iowa Health Care Association

It gives some other names who also gave Jimbo money. Basically, this putative goody-goody nonprofit would seem to be nothing more than a good-PR-generating front for a for-profit health products vendor.

I don't know how useful compiling such an 'enemies list' is, except perhaps as fodder to feed reporters looking for a story. Were I Vander Plaats, I might use such a list to do a direct mailing, doing the full exposé of what their candidate really stands for (is Vander Platts reading this? I think he will be eventually).

I'd like some comments on this.



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