Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nussle's Family Values Budget

Now, there are at least half a dozen big problems with the budget bill that recently passed the house, which a Nussle press release emailed to me calls the "Nussle Plan."

But the one that I think is, if not the worst, at least the most ridiculous, is the cut in funding to state child-support collection services by almost $5 billion. I realize Nussle had a messy divorce, but does he really need to take that out on parents with a deadbeat ex? Talk about family values. At least we're probably going to get $70 billion in tax cuts, so that the "Deficit Reduction Act" actually increases the deficit by $20 billion or so.

Oh well, it's not like Nussle needs to support family values or fiscal responsibility to win. He's always got the Republican reputation for good governance, right?


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