Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More on Nussle and the Minimum Wage

To add onto the previous post, it turns out that Nussle has indeed voted against the minimum wage since expressing support for it in 2000.

The vote itself is wrapped up in layers of procedural mumbo jumbo, but here's how things shook out as near as I can tell (and I could be wrong on some details):

  1. House Democrats introduced a bill to raise the minimum wage. (H.R. 2429)

  2. House Republican leadership refused to allow a vote.

  3. House Democrats proposed/tried to propose the bill as an amendment to another bill.

  4. House Republican leadership proposed legislation denying them the ability to propose that amendment. (HR 351)

  5. Jim Nussle voted to deny them that ability. (House Vote 365)

I wonder how Nussle squares this with his claims that "It is important to have a livable minimum wage." Does he think that $10,300 a year (a yearly salary at minimum wage) is livable?


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