Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nussle is on the side of dead beats...

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Harsh title, I know...But how else can you frame it? Jim Nussle favors tax cuts. Tax cuts deplete government revenue. Government revenue is used to pay for social programs that help the people most in need. What did Jim Nussle push through as a cut? Child support recovery. Interestingly, Bill Gluba (Democrat-Quad Cities) has finally gotten a backbone and had some fine things to say about Nussle's ideas - at a Head Start classroom nonetheless:
House Republicans have proposed $50 billion in spending cuts over five years, which Democrats say fall too heavily on the poor.

Gluba zeroed in on proposed cuts in funding for the child-support recovery program, which serves nearly 177,000 Iowa children. The changes would reduce collections in 2007 by $91 million, according to the Iowa Department of Human Services, or nearly a third of the $312 million it expects to collect that year. The state runs the program.

He said the cuts would “emasculate” the recovery unit and called the reductions immoral, particularly because Republicans are proposing $70 billion in tax cuts over five years, most of it to go to wealthier families.

People supporting the cuts, including Nussle, argue that the cuts are necessary to prevent states from "double dipping" into federal coffers for additional money. For example, the federal government provides a certain amount of funds for states to allocate for child support recovery. For every dollar the state government captures back in child support, the federal government matches a certain percentage. These are the programs that Nussle wants to cut in order to help pay for tax cuts for the most wealthy. An excellent piece over at the Center for Law and Social Policy argues that the cuts would have a TERRIBLE impact on the ability of state governments (like Iowa Rep. Nussle!) to collect on child support:
On October 26, the Ways and Means Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives
approved a budget reconciliation package that would impose deep cuts in federal funds
used to help pay for state child support services provided to single parent families. The child support program enforces the responsibility of non-custodial parents to support their children, reducing the need for families to receive public assistance. These cuts, if implemented, would cut federal child support program funding by 40 percent, severely reducing states’ ability to collect child support for low- and moderate-income families. Congress projects that child support collections would drop by $24.1 billion over the next ten years.

According to the Center's report, the State of Iowa would stand to lose $157 Million dollars in federal support for child support recovery between 2006-2015. This doesn't even include the DECREASE in the resulting amount of child support COLLECTIONS over the same period of time. From 2006-2015 child support payments to families would be decreased by $239 Million!! Where do you think families will come up with these funds in an economy besieged by high fuel costs, rising health care costs, low paying jobs, and an economy with a stagnant minimum wage? Also, remember these programs affect CHILDREN - the innocent. Who's a compassionate conservative now?


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