Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A little too ambivalent

Following up on Drew's post below, The Des Moines Register gets into action on Nussle today with a more state-focused article about Nussle and Social Security. They even happen to give the same quote that the Post had.

In the article, we find out that Bob VanderPlaats, the other GOP candidate for governor, fully supports the President's privatization plans. We also find out how vague Nussle's position is.

From The Register:
"The retirement program has been an issue in the past in Nussle's re-election campaigns for the House in eastern Iowa, and he has at times backed personal accounts.

During the 2000 campaign, Nussle told the Register: "Seniors who currently rely on the program need to be assured that their benefits are completely secure. Younger workers should also have the chance to invest a small portion of their payroll tax dollars in low-risk investments."

In 2002, he told the Register that "I am not for privatization of Social Security. Social Security should be a government-run pension program and should be a guaranteed benefit and operate just the way it is now."

This year, Nussle has said that "doing nothing is not an option" but he has not expressed outright opposition to or support for the president's plan. He appeared with President Bush at a Cedar Rapids event where Bush touted personal accounts, and at a House Budget Committee hearing, he accused Democrats of using scare tactics to try to derail the Bush proposal."
So, which position is it Jim-Jim?

Iowa voters want an answer. And it better not involve privatization--or its spin name, personal accounts.


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