Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Jim Nussle, Get a Job

There is nothing really exciting in this Des Moines Register article about Nussle's planned June 1st announcement. However, a sentence at the end did catch my eye:

Nussle, 44, is serving his eighth term in the House and will finish his tenure as chairman of the Budget Committee next year.

By my calculations, that would have made him 29 when he was first elected to Congress. So, Jim Nussle, what did you do before that? Turns out he was the county attorney for Delaware County starting in 1986 - the year after he graduated law school. This man has held public office since he graduated from law school. He's been out of Iowa for 15 years. Framing the upcoming gubernatorial race as a battle with a career politician out of touch with Iowa should be pretty effective, depending on who runs.