Thursday, November 17, 2005

Iowa college students can't afford Jim Nussle

First, Jim Nussle helps to throw the United States into trillions of dollars of debt as Budget Committee Chairman in the US House of Representatives. Now he wants to cut federal financial aid spending so college students will be able to be massively in debt just like our country (except not as badly).

From the Iowa State Daily:
"U.S. Rep. Jim Nussle, R-Iowa, chairman of the House Budget Committee, is pushing to get a vote from the House of Representatives by the end of the week on a bill that would cut several billion dollars from federal student loan programs.

The Budget Reallocation bill, which would also cut funds from other programs to help pay for hurricane-induced emergency spending, was scheduled for a vote last Thursday, but the action was postponed."
Go read the rest of the story for more information, particularly what impact it might have on students at Iowa State.

Remember: This man wants to be the next governor of Iowa. It is up to us as responsible citizens to let Jim Nussle know that we CANNOT afford him as leader.


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