Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Getting your priorities alligned

This morning's Des Moines Register tries to stir up a bit of controversy that doesn't really exist, I believe.
"Gov. Tom Vilsack suggested Monday that Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Nussle needs to get out of Washington, D.C., and travel the state to discover how much economic progress is occurring throughout Iowa.

Vilsack, a Democrat, said he was surprised at comments made last week by Nussle, who claimed Vilsack's economic development agenda is "all based on photo ops," with few benefits for most business owners. Nussle, who along with Bob Vander Plaats is seeking the Republican nomination for governor next year, made the remarks in an interview with Lee Enterprises newspapers."
The criticism of Gov. Vilsack seems quite pointless by Nussle. Attacking a guy you're not going to be running against just doesn't make a lot of sense--politically or otherwise--to me. But remember, we're talking about the guy who showed up on the floor of the House of Representatives with a paper bag over his head.

In all seriousness, though, Jim Nussle should be spending all of August going through the state campaigning and seeing good economic results thanks to Governor Vilsack, as well as the bipartisan Iowa Values Fund.

The end of the article is where I had some significant problems:
"Maria Comella, Nussle's campaign spokeswoman, said Monday the congressman has spent 40 days traveling throughout Iowa, visiting more than 120 towns and cities, since announcing he will run for governor. Nussle has spoken with thousands of Iowans, she added.

It's difficult to take Vilsack's criticism seriously, considering that he recently became chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council, has established a political action committee, and plans to spend Labor Day weekend in New Hampshire, Comella said. "That is a second-term agenda that has nothing to do with serving the people of Iowa," she said."
Comella is just an absolute moron, ok?

That so-called "second-term agenda" is nothing more than what Vilsack has done the last two months. He also negotiated a budget, even after a long period of debate that brought about a special session, got the speed limit raised, and lots of other things this last legislative session. Not to mention the restoration of basic American privileges like voting to reformed criminals who've dealt with their punishment.

You can't criticize a man for being politically active either. I mean, for God's sakes, what else is a governor of Iowa to do in June, July, and August besides visit the Iowa State Fair and maybe a Cubs game? The legislative season ends in May, or mid-June if there is a need for a special session. Keeping himself occupied in positive, Democratic ways is essential.

Jim Nussle's campaign needs to get their priorites straight. They're running for governor--and not against Tom Vilsack. Why don't they actually worry about issues that affect Iowans and not some kind of petty political bickering?


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