Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nussle not good for Iowa Hispanic voters

If you're a Hispanic and an Iowa, Jim Nussle isn't your man for the next governor of Iowa.

According to the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), Jim Nussle received a 22% score for the 108th Congress that ended in 2004. The scores are based on votes applying to basic civil rights and quality of life issues for Hispanics and all Americans.

I looked up the results for the 107th Congress, ending in 2002, and found that during that session Nussle only received a 9% score. The scorecard can be found here (warning, PDF). In the 106th Congress, ending in 2000, Nussle only received a 20% score. Again, the report can be found here (warning, PDF).

The NHLA is a nonpartisan coalition of major Hispanic national organizations and distinguished Hispanic leaders from across the country, so I'm sure their judgments are not purely partisan in ways that opponents may claim. For more on the NHLA, click here.

Information compiled from sources linked above and the Iowa Democratic Party.


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